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Welcome to Me, Only More.


My name is Quinn Cassavale and I started this site because I wanted to share my insights on how I overcame years of depression and anxiety and finally uncovered a better version of myself.  For the longest time I tried everything to find peace of mind.  Little did I know that it was actually there all along, I just was underestimating my ability to help myself.  It was extremely healing to find that my mental health was something I had some control over.  Specifically, I had the ability to make better choices.

This site is a place where I document how I maneuver through this crazy thing called life while keeping myself as sane and healthy as I can. 


I am not a doctor or a mental health care expert, in fact my background is in acting and theater.  However, I do have first-hand experience with many mental health issues.  I have lived through mild, temporary episodes of sadness, as well as severe, persistent bouts of depression and anxiety.  I have also battled eating disorders and compulsive behavior.  By the grace of God I have come through it alive and thriving.  In fact, from the outside it probably looks as if I have everything together; which is completely not true.


I juggle a million responsibilities, as a mother, wife, actress, producer, teacher and entrepreneur.  Not only isn't it easy but it is very often stressful.

When I'm not spending time with my daughter or husband, I am probably working on an acting project, taking a hot yoga class, watching tennis or running my virtual business with Rodan + Fields.

My hope is that you find some encouragement on these pages.  Something that reminds you of who you really are.  Something that changes your perception of things for the better. Something that inspires you to be you, only more.  I truly believe that it is possible to overcome depression and anxiety issues. Believe me, if I did it so can you. 

If you wish to keep in contact with me, be sure to subscribe to my mailing list to get my latest blog posts, plus extra content and updates to help you find your "Me, Only More."


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